Sunday School Summary

Pastor Taiye Oyekan led a captivating Sunday School session that delved into the teachings of John 15, specifically focusing on verses 1-17.

The session commenced by thoroughly examining John 15:1, where Jesus identifies Himself as the true vine and God the Father as the gardener. This analogy beautifully illustrates our relationship with Christ, likening it to the connection between branches and a vine. Just as branches draw their life and sustenance from the vine, our spiritual nourishment and growth stem from our connection with Jesus.

As the session continued, the exploration of John 15:2 illuminated the destiny of fruitless branches—those pruned by the Father—as well as the pruning process for fruitful branches. This analogy reveals the significance of bearing fruit as believers, while underscoring the understanding that the decision to remove branches isn’t ours; it’s a role undertaken by the divine Farmer—God.

Importantly, even those who are already bearing fruit are subject to God’s ongoing work within us. This ongoing process, known as pruning, is aimed at maximising our productivity in bearing fruit.

Sister Tola expressed her enlightenment, highlighting how this perspective underscores the imperfection inherent in humanity, and the continuous work God undertakes in us. Senior Pastor Richard reflected on his childhood experiences working on a farm, where removing weeds was vital. He paralleled this to parents’ care for their children, emphasising that God’s pruning reflects a similar intention to shape and guide.

Pastor Taiye added depth to the concept, noting that pruning might involve external influences but can also manifest as God’s discipline or protection, ensuring that we bear good fruit by not allowing harmful influences or unproductive pursuits to hinder us.

The concept of “abiding” in Christ was a recurring theme throughout the study. Jesus underscores the critical nature of staying closely connected to Him in John 15:4-5.
Lady Evangelist Wumi expanded upon this by presenting a modern comparison: the relationship between believers and Christ is akin to that of a phone connected to Wi-Fi. Without this connection, both the phone and the believer are rendered almost useless. This analogy vividly highlights the indispensability of abiding in Christ for a fruitful and impactful Christian life.

Senior Pastor Richard further emphasised this analogy’s significance, shedding light on its practical implications. He reinforced the idea that, like a phone disconnected from Wi-Fi, believers separated from Christ cannot achieve their full potential. The parallel between maintaining a steady Wi-Fi connection and an unwavering relationship with Christ underscores the importance of continuous communion with Him.

The session concluded with Pastor Taiye encouraging members to continue reading and meditating on the entirety of John 15, as the focus will shift to the remaining verses in the following week.


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