Bible Reading

The Bible Reading was from Matthew 6: 26 – 34 and was delivered by Pastor Afolabi Opedare.

In Matthew 6:26-34, Jesus encourages his followers not to worry about their basic needs such as food, drink, and clothing. He points to the birds of the air and the lilies of the field as examples of how God provides for them. Jesus emphasizes that if God takes care of these lesser creatures, He will surely provide for His people who are of much greater value to Him.

Jesus urges his listeners to seek God’s kingdom and righteousness above all else, trusting that God will provide for their needs. He advises them not to be anxious about tomorrow but to focus on the present day. Jesus concludes by saying that each day has its own troubles, and worrying about the future does not add any value to one’s life.

The passage serves as a reminder to have faith in God’s provision and to prioritize spiritual matters over material concerns. It encourages followers of Jesus to live with trust and confidence in God’s care, seeking His kingdom and righteousness as their primary focus.


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