CFAO Church Service of Sunday 27th of Aug 2023

About Pastor Richard’s Sermon

Pastor Richard Opedare Delivers Powerful Sermon on Raising Godly Children

Swanley, 27Aug’23 – Pastor Richard Opedare, renowned spiritual leader, delivered an inspiring sermon on Sunday, urging parents and guardians to teach their children the ways of the Lord.

Drawing from the instructions found in Deuteronomy 11:18-21 and Deuteronomy 6:1-9 and the teachings of Jesus Christ, Pastor Opedare emphasized the importance of raising godly children to avoid forsakenness, rejection, calamity, and disaster.

The sermon focused on the commandment to lay up God’s words in our hearts and souls, binding them as frontlets between our eyes and on our hands. Pastor Opedare highlighted the significance of immersing ourselves in God’s Word and allowing it to transform our lives. He stressed that before we can effectively teach our children, we must first honor and live out the Word ourselves.

Addressing a packed congregation, Pastor Opedare encouraged parents to seize every opportunity to teach their children, both at home and outside. He emphasized the need for repetition and consistency in teaching, as what is repeatedly spoken becomes ingrained in a child’s memory. Drawing from Proverbs 22:6, he reminded the congregation that training up a child in the way they should go is a responsibility given by God, with the promise that they will not depart from it as they grow older.

The sermon also highlighted the teachings of Jesus Christ, specifically referencing John 15:1-5. Pastor Opedare compared Jesus to the true vine and believers to the branches. He emphasized the importance of abiding in Christ and drawing nourishment and strength from Him, as without Him, we can do nothing. This connection to Christ is vital for both parents and children to bear lasting fruit in their lives.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor Opedare passionately urged parents not to rely solely on external influences such as television, social media, or peers to shape their children’s values. Instead, he emphasized the responsibility of parents to teach their children directly, ensuring that they build their lives upon the solid foundation of God’s Word.

The sermon left a lasting impact on the congregation, inspiring parents and guardians to prioritize the spiritual formation of their children. Many expressed gratitude for Pastor Opedare’s guidance and vowed to take up the responsibility of raising godly children who will walk in the ways of the Lord.

As Pastor Opedare concluded the sermon, he reminded the congregation of the promise found in Deuteronomy 11:21, that by following God’s commandments and teaching them diligently to their children, their days and the days of their children will be multiplied, akin to the days of heaven upon the earth.

Pastor Richard Opedare’s sermon serves as a timely reminder for parents and guardians to prioritize the spiritual growth of their children, teaching them to avoid forsakenness, rejection, calamity, and disaster. Through the wisdom of Deuteronomy and the teachings of Jesus, families are empowered to build strong foundations of faith, ensuring a flourishing future for their children.


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