Christ Family Assembly Outreach UK Pastors Message for the Month of March 2023

Welcome to the month of March 2023

Hebrew 6:15

Learn to patiently endure

I welcome you to the new month and I pray that you will continue to march forward. As you step into the new month of March, may good health, sound mind, joy, happiness and peace of God be your portion. I pray that almighty God will restore all your lost opportunities and blessings in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Our heartfelt condolences go to those that lost their loved ones. God will give you the strength and fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss. Hebrews 6:15 says; “And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise”. I pray that as you patiently endure, you will obtain all the promises of God concerning you and your household in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Realise that when God makes you a promise, sometimes contrary winds and conditions from the adversary is geared towards making you give up on the promise. Many believers erroneously expect a smooth ride from a promise to its fulfilment. There is no such thing as an easy ride, as long as your adversary the devil, his demons, your flesh and the world are still very much around. Therefore, any promise you fail to grab or fight for may never be realised.

Remember, after God promised to liberate the Israelites from a 430 year long slavery and bondage, they met with resistance. Pharaoh was most adamant, hostile and refused them their liberty. He questioned God’s authority and consistently refused to let the Israelites out of his hold. It took several plagues, climaxing in the death of animals and destructions of properties to let them go. Read Exodus 19:17-19.

Learn that it may take some time for the breakthroughs and promise of God to manifest in your life, but hold on to God’s promise. Difficulties may come, challenges may appear, still hold on patiently. Eventually the promise of God will come to pass in your life. I pray that uncommon blessings, favour good health and long life shall be your portion. You will not die untimely and there will not be any premature death in your family in Jesus Christ mighty name.

I pray that you will continue to flourish, enlarge, expand and gain fortunes in the face of uncertainties of life and high cost of living crisis. May the sovereign God satisfy you with every good things of life and I pray that all your good dreams shall come true with speed in Jesus Christ mighty name.

Happy new month to you.


Pastor Richard Opedare.

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